Manuel d’Oliveira participates in “MODA IMPURA”

Manuel d’Oliveira participates in “Moda Impura” from Janita and Vitorino Salomé. Manuel d’Olivera’s arrangements can be listened to in the themes “Mulatinhas” and “Passarada”.

“… Alentejo needed to open it’s doors to adventure, needed to get out of itself, listen to other chants, other voices, without leaving it’s own, you see… But have no doubts: the Alentejo from other ages has grown old, as does everything, and has died.Bringing it back to life again would be pure illusion. May the virtues of our ancestors and all their glorious tradition be lived and still sung, even if, we can agree on it, in it’s beautiful tradicional chant. But I’m aware that even it and it’s majestic and glorious chant will evolve, even though within the molds that identify it with our nature and our history…

(Padre António Marvão, 1988)

From the will to preserve and revitalize the “cante [chant] alentejano” into a current language, that makes this mark of the portuguese cultural identity even more interesting, Vitorino and Janita Salomé took the risk of composing “modas alentejanas” about written texts from António Lobo Antunes, as well as the risk of instrumentally involve ancient “modas”, inscribed in a tradition that has been sedimented through generations.

The album “Moda Impura” will be presented on October 6th in the Coliseu dos Recreios, Lisbon.

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