Twenty years after the first album of original tracks, the guitarist is preparing a tour that will include songs from his five album in a concert that will visit the main venues in the country and then go beyond borders. 

To mark his 20 career years, on 14 October Manuel de Oliveira will launch IBERIA 20|22, a new album with Jorge Pardo and Carles Benavent, renowned Spanish musicians, founders of the Paco de Lucia Sextet. The album also features Quiné Teles on drums and percussion, João Frade on the accordion, and Sandra Martins on the cello.

Among other formats available for 2023, the TOUR 20 concerts will have a core formation consisting of Manuel de Oliveira (guitar and braguesa), Miguel Veras (guitars), João Frade (accordion), Sandra Martins(cello), Carl Minnemann (bass and double bass) and Quiné Teles (drums and percussion), and a special formation, with Jorge Pardo (flute and saxophone) and Carles Benavent (electric bass guitar).

In Manuel de Oliveira’s music, borders, territory, community and identity will always be key words. While every artist searches for an original way to express themselves, Oliveira’s music – from the first Ibéria to the most recent Entre-Lugar – is always an attempt to rebuild a territory and an identity, the constant search for something perpetually unfinished, like a community or a voice.

In this constant existential metamorphosis, as a guitarist, composer and producer, he has gifted us, over more than 20 years, with a body of work of singular identity, immediately recognisable in its constant mutation.