European Capital of Culture Official Opening

“Os Nossos Afectos” – Show included in the Opening Ceremony of the Guimarães European Capital of Culture 2012

Show conceived by Manuel d’Oliveira
Project Direction Manuel d’Olivera represented by Elixir Creative Hub
Artistic Direction Élio Correia with the assistance of Paulo César Gonçalves
Musical Production and Arrangements – Manuel d’Oliveira
Composition – Manuel d’Oliveira, except the theme “Duas Margens” by Chico César
Arrangements for Strings – Manuel d’Oliveira and Carlos Garcia
Production and Direction of Video Lusofonia – “Foi do Tempo” – João Fanfas
VJ and management of video content – Rui Padinha
Production and Direction of Video “Tu Fazes Parte” – Canal 6
Adapted Editing – Rui Padinha
Choreography – Joana Antunes
Scenography – Andreia Garcia
3D Drawings – Carlos Silva by Fundição
Light Design – Pedro Leston by Fundição
Light Operation – Pedro Leston and Carlo Silva by Fundição
Head of Lighting and photography direction for television broadcasting – Pedro Leston Technical Direction and Executive Production – Elixir Creative Hub through subcontracted services Production – Elixir Creative Hub

Front Stage Sound Operation – Samuel Nascimento
Stage Sound Operation – Marco Baptista

Special Guests: Cristina Branco – Voice Chico César – Voice Rão Kyao – Voice

Manuel d’Oliveira – Acoustic, electric guitars and electronic programming Carlos Garcia – Orchestra Direction and Piano
João Frade – Accordion
Bernardo Couto – Portuguese Guitar
Cícero Lee – Electric Bass and Double Bass
João Ferreira – Percussion
Marito Marques – Drums
Special Participation
Foundation Orchestra Studio
Group “Outra Voz
Group of Caixas and Bombos Nicolinos
DJ Manó

Implementation of the Opening Ceremony of Guimarães European Capital of Culture: The Workshop for the City of Guimarães Foundation.

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