“ANIMA” premiers in SUONI DELLA MURGIA NEL PARCO Festival – Italy

ANIMA” – Manuel d’Oliveira and Rão Kyao

Premier of the new project, next July 19th in the Suoni dela Murgia Nell Parco Festival, in Bari, Italy.

The guitar player Manuel d’Oliveira invites Rio Kyao, (bamboo flute), to a sharing of experiences around the most remote roots of the portuguese music. The Iberian mark in the guitar playing of Manuel d’Oliveira and the Indian influence in the flute of Rão Kyao fulfill the space where the expression of these two composers meet; composers who share the taste for the fusion of these sounds that intertwine in the genesis of portuguese culture. From Portugal, these two musicians start on stage a journey without frontiers, where they get carried away by the affectional moment when two distinct universes unite, casting a common “Anima”.

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