“Ibéria” was produced between 1999 and 2002. It’s my first record to enter the commercial circuit, so to speak. It’s the fruit of a long path of self discovery. I believe it to be where some identity is born, or some differentiation. Especially for those who listen to it, for me it was where I felt I was able to see a little, at far, of what I would like to do with music some day. I made several experiences with my musics, with various formations but with results that weren’t quite satisfactory to me. One day I bought a computer and I started to record my ideas by myself and later I invited a great guitar player from Porto, Paulo Pinto, to listen to what I was doing and I invited him to join me in that adventure, if it was something he related to. And so it was, Paulo was very helpful in pre-production, I learned a lot from him as a musician and as a guitar player and between 2001 and 2002 we recorded the album in Lisbon in Praça das Flores studio.

I also had the great joy, at that time, of sharing my music with great musicians like António Chainho, (portuguese guitar), Carles Benavent (electric bass), Jorge Pardo (flute and sax) and Ricardo Dias (accordion). All of them had special participation in the record.

At that time I described the record as follows:

“My language is made of the reunion of my musical passions, of the influences I receive from various sonorities and mood preferences. It’s a process of identification and a transforming life experience, creating something that is intended to be new and different in terms of concept and expression. The deepest feeling is channeled in  a passage through my identity, source from which my most direct relationship with life is born: sound. It’s that sound that I try to transmit with the same intensity with which I feel the world.”

Manuel d’Oliveira

Escolhi esta crítica para colocar aqui por ter sido a primeira internacional numa revista tão importante do mundo da guitarra, a qual me orgulhou muito.

…”50 minutos que fornecem um «artesanato» musical e tecnológico do mais alto nível fazendo par com uma refinada gravação… / …Com os acordes introdutórios o sol do Mediterrâneo aparece, – tópicos vivos e expressivos, numa Guitarra solo de primeira classe”…
in: Folker, 2003


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